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We left traditional law firms to build a business that would accomplish significant cost savings for clients without compromising on quality.  Our core strengths are:


Experience.  Our team comprises senior lawyers only.  Senior lawyer involvement ensures consistently high quality, efficiency and rapid response times.


Commerciality.  Our size and focus is a virtue.  We are willing to adapt our working practices to suit our clients.  We can serve as an extension to your in-house legal function or as conventional external advisors.  Our approach to billing is refreshingly commercial, recognising your need for cost certainty and value. 


Industry knowledge.  We have supported a variety of clients in the oil and gas sector on a comprehensive range of assignments - from first of their kind deals in frontier jurisdictions to advice on industry standard forms, operations, and corporate structuring.  We offer strategic thinking from both a legal and a market knowledge perspective.  


Local expertise.  We understand the energy industry, the market forces within it and the regions in which we practice. Our lawyers have worked in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the CIS.  We can offer clients a valuable insight into business culture and practice in the regions we serve.


Values.  We build long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and integrity. We believe that understanding your business and practices will allow us to provide superior value. 

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